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Wishing all fathers a Happy Fathers Day!

GOLIVE with GOBAZA Episode 5, 5 June 2020

For the fifth installment of GOLIVE with GOBAZA, we chatted with Shasha Malik from Digital Onload; a...

GOLIVE with GOBAZA Episode 4, 29 May 2020

GOBAZA is back for the third installment of GOLIVE with GOBAZA, which aired this Friday, 29 May 2020,...

GOLIVE with GOBAZA Episode 3, 23 May 2020 - Malam Raya Special!

In this "Malam Raya Special" episode of GOLIVE with GOBAZA we caught up with local Malay fine arts group,...

GOLIVE with GOBAZA episode 2, 22th May 2020

In this episode of GOLIVE with GOBAZA, we feature DQUES.BUSINESS and HermosaBakes!

Beauty Picks @ GOBAZA

Let's have a look at our Beauty product picks from our vendors!

GOLIVE with GOBAZA episode 1, 15th May 2020

GOLIVE with GOBAZA episode 1

Jom Raya with GOBAZA!

Bummed about not being able to dress up for this year’s Raya? Well, let’s celebrate Raya this year with...

Get your home Raya-ready @ Gobaza!

In need of some home furnishing? Let’s take a look at what our merchants have to offer in this edition...

Missing the Ramadan Bazaar this year?

Gobaza is the leading digital bazaar to satisfy your bazaar needs!

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