Beauty Picks @ GOBAZA

Beauty Picks @ GOBAZA

This circuit breaker, you don’t have to forego beauty needs just because you are spending time at home! Self-care is important! For instance, it may be good to take care of one’s appearance at home, to reinstate a sense of normality as well as uplift your mood. According to several studies, dressing up and maintaining a morning routine may help with productivity! Here at GOBAZA, there are several beauty, skincare and personal care products to cater to all your beauty needs! Let’s take a look at some of GOBAZA’s merchants under the category of Beauty & Personal care!

1  |  Homemadeziq

For skincare enthusiasts, the merchants at GOBAZA have got you covered. In these uncertain times, stressing may often lead to breakouts. It is especially important for us to take care of our skin! GOBAZA merchant Homemadeziq’s listings feature a line of skincare products such as the Glossy Skin Serum Toner pictured above!


2  |  TheNaturalLife

Another merchant catering to personal needs is TheNaturalLife, whose listings consists of various assortments of different essential oils such as the Lavender Essential Oil pictured above. Essential oils can serve as aroma therapy to destress during this crazy time!


3  |  Wooman Potion

Lastly, Wooman Potion, is an organic versatile parfum oil is THE women's solution to achieve various benefits for women’s overall well-being; emotionally, physically & intimately. It also helps with better quality sleep, better mood regulations, stress release and much more. You can find out more about Wooman Potion here.

Most of all, it is important for us to practice self-care - which may look different to each individual! To some, self-care can come in the form of skincare, while to others, it may come in the form of hobbies, like painting! Whatever it is, GOBAZA’s beauty & personal care listings may just be able to help you in your search!

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