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Launched in April 2020 started of as Ramadan Bazaar for the Muslim community, GOBAZA is more than just an online portal, it is an ecosystem where thriving merchants leverage and harness together with open arms, inviting people from all faiths and walks of life to come and share resources.


GOBAZA.SG is Singapore's One Stop Digital Bazaar Platform.


GOBAZA offers the digital experience of extravagant food, fashion, lifestyle & courses listing. Its presence awakens a sense of purpose, convenience, and confidence amongst the community. While the bazaar represents a festivity that many hold dear, let us show that our tradition is able to be resilient and flexible through this challenging time!


In conjunction of the upcoming Chinese New Year 2021, we are promoting halal related product for inclusive celebration among the Muslim community. Well, where else? GOBAZA.SG



We are creating an ecosystem to socially connect both merchants and consumers within the community.

From offline to online, this platform encourages bazaar merchants to digitalise their products & services, engaging consumers in a digital bazaar environment.

Given the current disparate online systems for various merchants and businesses, we build GOBAZA to bring them together into a one stop digital portal.

Due to the cancellation of Ramadan Bazaar 2020 and the scarcity of digital bazaars, GOBAZA is filling in the gaps enabling you to still experience Ramadan shopping, online courses, engage with the community and many more throughout the year, all in the comfort of your own home.

This social ecosystem helps to bring and engage community partners by building trust and relationship amongst the people.




Where else? GOBAZA.SG


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