Missing the Ramadan Bazaar this year?

Missing the Ramadan Bazaar this year?

Every year, many from the community celebrate the fasting month of Ramadan by visiting the yearly bazaar in Geylang - enduring the crowded atmosphere to shop for Raya needs and feel a sense of communal spirit. This year, Ramadan looks slightly different.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the yearly Ramadan bazaar has been cancelled for the safety of Singaporeans. As a result, many businesses have been negatively affected by the situation. Gobaza.sg was launched as a response to this cancellation to provide safe alternatives to the Ramadan bazaar.

Gobaza.sg is the trusted online shopping platform designed to bring the Ramadan bazaar to you. Enjoy ease of shopping for all your Raya needs and more from the comfort your own home. Customers are able to purchase all your Raya needs while being socially responsible, avoiding crowds and staying safe while businesses are able to utilize this platform to widen their reach and accessibility to bazaar-goers. Gobaza.sg offers a range of products and services from fashion goods to furniture, all done through contactless transactions.

Gobaza.sg seeks to empower businesses affected by the pandemic and the cancellation of the Ramadan bazaar by providing them an integrated platform to reach a wider audience and allow ease of transaction. It is the trusted digital bazaar in Singapore and has been featured several times in the news!

Let us show that our traditions can remain resilient and flexible through challenging times!

Well, where else? Gobaza.sg