GOLIVE with GOBAZA episode 1, 15th May 2020

GOLIVE with GOBAZA episode 1,  15th May 2020

Last Friday, 15 May 2020, the much-awaited first installation of GOLIVE sessions with GOBAZA merchants has taken place! It featured GOBAZA vendors Nasuhabakes and Hazirah from Haifa Areta, who sat down virtually with GOBAZA Co-Founder Khairul Yunos to talk about their preparations for Raya as well as share a bit about the products and services they offer on GOBAZA.

GOLIVE is talkshow initiated with the intention of giving back and providing a platform for our vendors who have supported GOBAZA, as well as share about fellow Gobazarians’ journeys during this Ramadan, in preparation for Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

The session kicked off with Hazirah, founder of Haifa Areta, who talked about her inspiration and motivation that spurred her to start her own business. Hazirah also shared with us the challenges that tighter regulations have placed on her business and its customers. 

If you are interested in purchasing Muslimah plain wear, click here to take a look at Haifa Areta’s current ongoing Raya promotions that offer their Bawal Ayra, Bawal Nura and Bawal Luna at special prices! 

Next, Khairul Yunos spoke to Nasuha, founder of Nasuhabakes, a newly-opened business offering delicious specialty cakes, made with love from scratch! Nasuha shared that all orders are freshly baked 1-2 days before orders are delivered or collected as she believes that quality is the most important! 

If you are looking for delicious cakes such as Nasuhabakes’ special Oreo Cheesecake Cookies, do head over to her profile to place your orders with her!

This week’s GOLIVE was full of interesting stories of GOBAZA merchants and their experiences as business-owners during this Ramadan period. You can re-watch our GOLIVE videos here.

Don’t forget to tune in this coming Friday, 22 May 2020 for another session of GOLIVE with other merchants of GOBAZA on our Facebook page! 

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