Magnolia Fresh Milk – A staple in every household!

Magnolia Fresh Milk – A staple in every household!

Magnolia’s Fresh Milk is one of the most beloved beverages of Singaporeans. It is one of the staples in every Singaporean household! This Ramadan, GOBAZA is happy to have partnered up with F&N Magnolia to present GOBAZA customers & readers with their many nutritious Milk products! Previously, we’ve featured the nutritional benefits of Magnolia Hi-Cal Low Fat Milk with Oats as well as featured various recipes that complement well with the Magnolia Plus Fresh Milk with Kurma! This time, let’s learn about Magnolia’s best-selling Fresh Milk!

Magnolia’s Fresh Milk is loved by many not only for its delicious creamy taste but also for its important nutrients such as calcium and protein! As we are nearing the final few days of fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, make sure you don’t compromise on your daily nutrient intake! Start your pre-dawn meal with Magnolia Fresh Milk to ensure you have sufficient energy to sustain you throughout the day!

Not only can you consume this delicious Fresh Milk on its own, but using it for your baking recipes can ensure rich flavours in your cakes and cookies!

Chocolate-lovers aren’t left out – Magnolia’s Fresh Milk also comes in Chocolate flavour! It combines the nutrients of fresh milk with a delicious chocolate flavour loved by many!

Get your calcium fix now and ensure sufficient energy when you start your day with Magnolia’s Fresh Milk!

Available at all leading supermarkets in 2 Litre, 1 Litre and 500ml cartons.