A Date-licious Date with Magnolia Plus Fresh Milk with Kurma

A Date-licious Date with Magnolia Plus Fresh Milk with Kurma

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We are back to share with you more about F&N MAGNOLIA Plus Fresh Milk with Kurma. This creamy, delicious and nutritious treat is made from 100% fresh full cream milk with real Kurma. And what’s more, it contains no sugar and added preservatives giving you a fresh and healthy start to your fast during Ramadan! 

So, what is Kurma you ask?

‘Kurma’ or Dates comes from a date palm trees, and have been enjoyed throughout the Middle East for over thousands of years; as a both a staple and a treat. Its natural sweetness and natural goodness make dates a great option for breakfast or even as a dessert.

Kurma also offers a lot of health benefits too such as lowering cholesterol levels, being rich in protein, vitamins and iron, improves bone health, strengthens the nervous system, promotes digestion and even improve skin.


Make a ‘date’ with the brand-new F&N MAGNOLIA Plus Fresh Milk with Kurma today and enjoy a tall glass of delicious goodness.
What are you waiting for? The F&N MAGNOLIA PLUS Fresh milk with Kurma at most leading supermarkets and..... where else? Gobaza.sg!

Available in 500ml and 1 litre cartons.

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