Circuit Breaker Extended! – 1st June 2020

Circuit Breaker Extended! – 1st June 2020

We believe that many of us Singaporeans were looking forward to Star Wars day; ooops, we meant 4th of May because it would have been the end of the ‘circuit breaker’ period. Most of us would have rejoiced the day to go out again, especially Muslims whom would be using the last few weeks of Ramadan to get necessities for Hari Raya preparation.

However; earlier this evening, PM Lee had addressed the public that the ‘circuit breaker’ period has been extended to 1st June 2020. That will be another 41 days extension! What does it mean now when the circuit breaker period is stretched all the way throughout Syawal?

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Stay responsible, stay at home, support our local vendors and let’s stay united during these difficult times.

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You can read the news article here.