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About Us

Free Food for All (FFFA) had given out more then 500,000 meals since its inception in early 2015.

FFFA is meant for everyone and anyone who needs a meal. However, we provide special emphasis to the elderly, disabled and financially distressed. We hope that by fulfilling a basic human need for food, they will be empowered to take action and raise themselves out of poverty. We also believe that our project has the potential to foster a more gracious society and strengthen community spirit especially between neighbours.

We are hopeful and optimistic that FFFA, with the gracious help of the community, can run entirely on contributions from members of the public.

Our Programmes

Ready to Eat Meals ( RTE)
We deliver nutritious and healthy halal ready to eat meals to the homes of various needy residents in Singapore. Recipients include non-ambulant elderlies with minimal family support.

Frozen Bulk Protein Meals
Catered to low-income households with children. Meals are frozen and precooked and have a long shelf life. Meals are ready in under 10 minutes, saving time for other precious activities

Food Redistribution
We obtain food items with a short shelf life from Supermarkets and redistribute these items to some locations in Singapore. These items include milk, groceries, fruits, vegetables and other non-perishables.

Sg Food Rescue:
Our close partner actively engages food waste rescue, rescuing fruits and vegetables that are still edible but cosmetically damaged. with 800,000 tonnes of food waste generated last year, SG Food Rescue aims to channel as much of the food rescued to Soup Kitchen, Community Efforts and to the less fortunate.

FFFA Empowerment:
Together with Mendaki Sense, we aim to provide our beneficiaries with a path towards self-recovery, including an opportunity to upgrade their skills. This will provide them with a better platform to move up the job market. These schemes include resume building, food and transport support while they are on course, job matching and many others.

FFFA Community Fridge
Located at Blk 162 Yishun St 11, a 3 panel Chiller has been placed for the convenience of Residents in obtaining Free Food items.



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