ROW Plus: Reaching Out to Vulnerable Families during COVID-19 by Persatuan Persuratan Pemuda Pemudi Melayu (4PM) | Malay Youth Literary Association

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About Us

In 1948, the Persatuan Persuratan Pemuda Pemudi Melayu (abbreviated as 4PM) or Malay Youth Literary Association was established with a core mission to maximise youth potential for the benefit of the community.

From its humble beginning as a small group of passionate individuals providing educational support by offering tuitions to children and cultural activities for youths in kampungs, 4PM has transformed into an organisation that focuses on uplifting the educational status of the community and investing in the young- moulding and shaping the lives of youth as well as supporting the community's social and welfare needs.

Since its inception, 4PM stays true to its mission, "Unite & Serve", rallying individuals in a spirit of cooperation, united with a common purpose for the betterment of the community.

About Campaign

During this Circuit Breaker period, we are required to stay at home, unless for essential trips. We are aware of others whom are hit hard, affected by the lost of income and uncertainty of the situation.

We humbly appeal for your kind help for those vulnerable and financially needy families to sustain themselves during the pandemic phase.

4PM is reaching out to our existing beneficiaries who require additional supports during these challenging times.

"I lost my job! My husband too. We no longer bringing in income for the family. We have 3 young children and taking care of two bedridden parents. I seek further assistance for my family", shared Mdm Sutinah (aged 38, not her real name).

"I am overly worried about my family daily needs. I have health issues and taking care of aged mother (80 yrs old). My other siblings no longer able to support us as they have their constraints too. The financial assistance that we receive barely suffices for our bills, medical expenses and getting diapers. Without additional support, I don't know what to do!", shared Mdm Zainab (aged 56, not her real name).

Through project ROW Plus, 4PM aims to provide additional financial aids to needy families with schooling children (0 months to 25 years) and needy elderly to reduce their financial burden.

Once again we appeal to you to support our causes by making an outright donation. Your contribution makes it possible for us to sustain our programmes and services.

Thank you for your generosity!


For more information  on our Ramadan On Wheels, please contact us at +62426288 or email


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